3 most important marketing activities for small businesses


Deciding which marketing activities to pursue can be overwhelming. You don’t have to do everything at once but building a solid foundation of marketing activity will set you up for success in the long run. If you’re trying to map out a marketing plan to get the most value, we recommend the following three activities.

Utilise online platforms

Utilising online platforms with consistent branding is a great start to have your business accessible to your target audience. You don’t need to be on every platform, it’s best to start where your target audience typically is. This means if your product or service is B2B based, a professional network like LinkedIn will probably allow you to connect with your target audience. If you’re targeting young adults then Tik Tok or Instagram would be your go-to, and if you’re targeting anyone from 40 onwards, Facebook and Pinterest will typically be home to your audience.

These networks are a great place for organic and paid ad content. Paid advertising has made our top 3 and is a little further down in the article. Before you start with any paid content, building a foundation of organic content is the way to go. Whether it’s sharing tips and tricks, proving why you are the best and most knowledgeable in the industry, or building a portfolio of work, a solid social presence is a great way for new and existing customers to find your business.


Build an email list

Even if you don’t plan on sending out emails immediately, building your email list as soon as possible is essential. If you have a website, online platforms, or a bricks and mortar store, there are ways you can begin to build your email list. Where do you find contacts for your mailing list? You can simply ask people to submit their details to stay up to date with the latest deals and news or offer something valuable like an eBook, discount code, or resource for joining your mailing list. Utilising your website, social media accounts, online platforms, and foot traffic are great ways to encourage your target customers to stay up to date with your company to keep you front of mind. Another way to build your mailing list is through online advertising.


Advertise your services

Regardless of your product or service, online advertising can be used to benefit your business for brand recognition, to increase website traffic, or to generate leads. Your existing online platforms, such as a website or social networks that are already full of organic content, can be utilised to run paid advertising campaigns. Ads campaigns can be run on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Google Ads is also key to improving your visibility and search engine ranking when new and existing customers search for your products or services. All these advertising services allow you to target specific demographics to ensure that your ads are being served to your ideal audience.


Do you need help with any of these?

We understand that not everyone wants to become a marketing expert and that outsourcing may be a more time and cost-effective option to deliver effective results quickly. If you’re ready to find out more, or ready to book a 30-minute strategy meeting, that’s great! We’ll meet and chat through your needs – broadly, of course, to see if we’re a fit for your business. If you choose to move ahead after the initial meeting, we’ll get into the specifics.

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