How Much Does It Cost To Outsource Marketing?


Provided that you have a marketing budget, you will be able to outsource marketing to suit your small to medium business. It’s often more affordable than you think. Working with us? At Arrowhead, we partner with businesses to become their marketing division. We tailor our services to what your business requires, meaning that we can chop, and trim based on your budget so we can reach your business goals one way or another.


No additional budget required

If you have identified the need for a marketing function, you probably have a budget in place. What should you do with that budget to make the most of it? Keep the marketing in-house or outsource? Our view? Outsource to experts who will drive the best results while you continue to do what you do best. Typically, our clients don’t have huge, crazy budgets. We believe small to medium businesses should have access to the same marketing expertise as larger companies. That’s why we work with you to determine what we can achieve within your existing budget, utilising our expert team. Outsourcing your marketing shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Decades of experience

Utilising an outsourced marketing team means gaining access to people who are experts in their field. Looking for a paid ads specialist, email marketing coordinator, and social media manager but don’t have the budget to hire all three? That’s where we come in. We don’t have dozens of employees, we have a handful of experts across paid ads, social media, web development, business strategy, search engine marketing, and more! Our team is built on over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, tech, and executive leadership. This means that for your budget, you’ll have access to decades of knowledge, that would massively blow out your budget if your team was kept in-house.


Efficient and effective

Outsourcing is often the perfect way to get the most knowledgeable people to execute your strategy. The right people get assigned to tasks they specialise in to get the best results. Having a handful of experts in our team at Arrowhead means that we can get the job done quickly, with no double-ups and limited back and forth. Our founders are hands-on and if they aren’t best-suited to execute a task, the best-suited member of the team will take on the task within their specialty. As a marketing partner, we are embedded in your business and are committed to getting you the best results.


So, what’s the cost?

First, setting up your outsourced marketing will cost you about 30 minutes. We’ll meet and chat through your needs – broadly, of course, to see if we’re a fit for your business. If you choose to move ahead after the initial meeting, we’ll get into the specifics. It will cost you a few more meetings and then we can start executing your marketing strategy for no more than your existing marketing and headcount budget.


Want to chat about applying something similar in your business?